INNOVATE Festival 2019
Together with about 150 'Future Makers' from the region, we held a festival to share ideas and inspire each other and the about 15.000 visitors. 

Five years ago we've designed the base for the identity and for each edition we always develop something new. For this edition we decided to develop a 3D typography system, based on the laws of physics. For instance one animation shows the Doppler Effect, where other ones are about Time, Light speed, Refraction, Sound Waves, etc. We then used that material to create the campaign, and all event-assets.

Our role in the project:
Concept, art direction, graphic design, 3D design, copywriting, digital design & development.

It was quite the experience
We were asked to communicate the event by designing the entire city-wide promotional campaign, including the website and all graphic design for printed materials such as billboards, posters and flyers, as well as the map for the festival.


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