There is so much good being done, we just don’t see it yet.
That is the slogan of Clear, Doublemen’s side-studio that exclusively makes animations for Non-profit organisations.
In 2018, we made an animation for Minsk based NGO: The Office for the Rights of People with Disabilities. The ORPD helps not just people with disabilities but also family, friends and anyone else who cares about these issues.
This project was a cooperation between Doublemen, Mina Stojanovic from Studio Kokako and Olga Nesnova. Thank you very much guys.
This Clear project is funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland which supports many Belarusian organisations. 
The goal was to put the spotlight on the work that the Embassy supports and tell a true-to-life story to promote the human rights situations that are often unknown in the Netherlands. 
Working together in Minsk for a month meant finding out how the ORPD helps people with disabilities, a humbling and inspiring experience for all.

We believe these stories should be told so we'll continue visualizing these stories.
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