Anyone can be smart with Innr!
Innr is a company that believes that anyone should be able to set up their own affordable smart lighting system. We have helped them in this mission by doing two things: We have designed them a bold visual identity that matches their Challenger Brand status. We also designed and developed a multi-language website to support their sales, globally.

Our role in the project
Concept, art direction, graphic design, 3D design, copywriting, digital design & development.

INNR is a challenger brand on a mission
Innr told to us their ambitious wish to reach more people worldwide with their smart lighting, and by doing this, increase their sales volume by 200%. So, we needed to do something big. After analysing the competition within the field of smart-lighting, we concluded that most brands look a lot like each other and mainly work with stock-photography. To embrace the role of a challenger brand, we decided to go full in on 3D, and that is wat makes it stand out from the crowd. 

A new website for a global audience
By developing a brand new multi-language website including a globally shipping webshop, we gave Innr a powerful tool to grow. In the first weekend we were seeing promising results already: The first weekend the website went online, their sales went up significantly. 

Check out their website over at:

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