There is so much good being done, we just don’t see it yet. That is the slogan of “Clear”, Doublemen’s side-studio that exclusively makes animations for Non-profit organisations.
In 2018, we made an animation for Minsk based NGO, Human Constanta. Amongst many other great causes, HC helps people fleeing Chechnya, this is a story that needs to be told internationally. You can learn more about their work on this website.
Clear is funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland which supports many Belarusian organisations. The goal was to put the spotlight on the work that the Embassy supports and tell a true-to-life story of the human rights situations that are often underrepresented in western Europe.
Chechen refugees are stuck on the border in Brest, each day they try to pass the border, each day they are denied.
We organized an international team consisting of Reinier Peersman, Daria Sazanovich, Natalia Surinovich and Doublemen’s own Yan Paul Dubbelman. Each professional creative added their own skills and styles to the project as well as their own ideological ideas.
Working together in Minsk for a month meant finding out how HC deals with the particular problems that we in the Netherlands don’t even think about, truly an incredibly valuable experience.
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